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1991 in Oulu, Finland


2019 Turku Uni of applied scienecs, fine arts

2012 Liminka school of arts, fine arts

Past exhibitions and performances:

2023 AAVA performance

2022 AAVA curating

2021 AAVA performance

SalonkiART paintings, curating

SalonkiART paintings, curating

SalonkiART paintings, curating

"I'm a graduate from Turku University of Applied sciences in fine arts. I have been working previously in figuratie drawing and painting, but soon started to look for aestetic experiences greater than gazing.

I feel like a work of art is best experienced in movement or in the human perception as a whole: Aware of the surroundings, experiencing an all-encompassing presence in mind and body.

I want to involve dance, trance, travel, storytelling and other ancient traditions of human culture in creating and experiencing contemporary art."

I am a founder and member of Pursu ry, a Kirkkonummi based collective with an aim to bring nature and art together in a yearly outdoor event. You can read more about our activity and past events on Pursu ry website.

I have current and past work experience as an art/creative pedagogist and a teacher in community college and early education, as well as creating workshops for business groups. My workshops might integrate bodily practises with creative practises. At the moment I teach courses in landscape painting and live model drawing in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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